Alkegen delivers groundbreaking innovation for lithium-ion batteries

Introducing SiFAB by Alkegen

Alkegen, a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty materials, has launched another proprietary technology, SiFAB. After years of advanced research, development, and testing, Alkegen is taking steps into the silicon fiber space for lithium-ion batteries, building on its deep history of fiber-based technology and manufacturing, as well as an existing track record of supplying components for battery systems for many leading OEMs. Other Alkegen solutions include large-format lithium-ion glass separators, interstitial thermal runaway barriers, and battery compartment fire protection systems.

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Leadership team

John Dandolph

President & CEO

Chad Cannan

Chief Innovation & NBD Officer

Clint Filipowicz

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Kelsall, PhD

General Manager, Battery

Ana Kiricova

SiFAB Sales Manager

Cameron Peebles, PhD
Cameron Peebles, PhD

Battery Technical Manager

Jon Cross
Jonathan Cross

R&D Director, Melting & Fiberisation

Bruce Zoitos, PhD

Manager, Materials Research
Senior Scientist

Donghui Zhao, PhD

Manager, Materials Research

Battery board members

Dr. Prabhakar Patil

Former CEO, LG Chem Power and chief engineer of hybrid technologies, Ford Motor Company

Rita Lane

Former VP, Apple, Operations and SVP, Motorola, Integrated Supply Chain

Dr. Arumugam “Ram” Manthiram

Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Jennifer Rupp

Professor of electrochemical materials and group head, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)